1. What is I-Class?

I-Class is a Multiple Skill Development Training Program for Children.

2. What is Multiple Skill Development?

Our research shows that most successful people are good at multiple skills like Quick decision making, fast calculations, focus & attention, listening, social behavior, etiquette, body language, interpersonal, rational thinking, innovation, spontaneity & creativity.

Because schools focus on developing academic skills, most of the critical skills remain under developed. At I-Class we train children to build all these skills in a time bound manner.

3. What is the best age to start I-Class?

It’s an established fact that the skills that we can learn and adapt in early childhood stays with us lifelong. First 10 years of childhood is best time to design a bright future. Ideally, you should start as early as 4 years of age. Step on step, week on week, month on month great progress can be made.

4. How is I-Class unique from other Hobby or Training Classes?

First & foremost, I-Class is the world’s 1st standardized training program. Its content development, program delivery, results, validity, reliability & outcomes are documented in reputed journals.

Secondly it covers all multiple skills under 1-roof in a structured way & as a parent you need to rush to different places, or pay separately to train your child on multiple skills. It is delivered by CRACS certified trainers.

5. Most children are intelligent these days, so why do we need I-Class?

Successful parenting is all about helping your child to become a success story, a stable bread winner, a self confident performer, and a great human being.

In modern day times, it’s not the Intelligence or High IQ that makes a performer. Other higher order skills are becoming more critical, like focus, attention, innovation & creativity, balance of mind, body & soul, passion, adaption, stability in performance & positive environment.

In nutshell, a smart brain is required who can always adapt to the challenges that the life throws in future. Intelligence may or may not pay, but an alert, aware & smart brain will always pay.

6. What are the short term benefits of I-Class program?

Improves focus, decision making ability, reading, writing, thinking and creativity skills

Enhances your child’s confidence and performance in school

7. How do you monitor the progress?

With I-Class, the performance of your child is visible within 1-2 months. The trainers also conduct regular quarterly or semi-annual assessments to monitor the progress.

8. What is the duration & cost of I-Class program?

Please contact your nearest I-Class training center. Standard duration is 2-3 hours per week. Cost & length of the program depends on the age group & training schedule.

9. What if I need to know more about I-Class?

You can anytime write to us at support@cracslab.com. We assure you prompt support.